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October 27, 2015


My dear friends,

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and the month is almost over.  So, I guess it's time for me to start appreciating you guys!


I want to start by saying how much I appreciate the elders and leaders at Redeemer.  I love how gracious you are and how you show me grace in real time.  You've seen my failures up close and personal.  You know my strengths.  You know my weaknesses.  You know my hopes, dreams, and desires and you keep pressing the gospel ever forward in my heart and life.  Thank you for being the mouthpiece of grace that my heart needs so very often.


I also want to thank the congregation for your incredible grace too.  You have loved my family and me very well over the years.  You let Lori be Lori.  You don't expect her to be superwoman and run every ministry and answer every question.  You don't push her to be and do everything.  You give her room and space to breathe and stay satisfied in God's mercies.  And that's huge.  What's more, you let Jack, Annie, and Luke be who and what they are.  You don't give them special treatment because they are the "pastor's kids."  You don't levy unfair expectations on their character and involvement.  You let them come to youth group or other activities and laugh, play, pray, and contribute like normal kids -- even broken kids.  In short, everyone of you has helped to cultivate an ethos of grace and acceptance.  You've helped to hone my theological convictions and you've helped to clarify our mission as a church and a family.  I couldn't be more blessed than I am right now because of each and every family God has so kindly and providentially "added to our number."  God has called me here.  God has called you here.  Let's continue to make the very most of it.  How's that sound?

From a heart filled with great, great gratitude....THANK YOU!!!!


Grace and peace,


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