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January 12, 2016

Did you know that Redeemer has a church app?  Yup, we do!


As I was perusing Facebook and reading blogs late in 2015 I kept seeing these ads for inexpensive ways to "stay connected" with your congregation.  Initially, I started researching prices of apps because I was looking to save us some money on printing costs.  But those ads prompted me to "dig a little deeper."  To tell you the truth it prompted me to start reading a little bit about churches and their uses of technology.  Geek-like, I know, but I was blown away by some of the research out there.  That research overwhelmingly demonstrated how people, regardless of age, are moving more and more toward mobile means of connecting to businesses, TV, entertainment, and yes, even the church.  It is reported by eMarketer that by 2016, this year, there will be more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide.  That's right, 2 billion!  As of 2015, it was reported that there are more than 190.5 million smartphone users in the US (according to Statista).  That means that almost 2/3rds of the American population uses a smartphone.  Crazy, right?  But that is where our culture is and where it is headed -- all the info you could ever want right in the palm of your hand.  And if that's where our culture is and where it is headed, it makes sense that we would try to "connect" with them wherever they are.  And so I worked with the fine folks at Custom Church Apps to develop an app that would provide a "snapshot" of our ministry -- something that we could all use to further our gospel engagement.


Here's what you'll find on the Redeemer app:

1.  The Usual Stuff -- directions to the church, start time, etc.

2.  Prayer Requests -- one of the main pillars of Redeemer is prayer.  It is our "lifeline."  And so we cherish the opportunity to pray for the needs within our community.  If you have prayer requests or if you need counseling of any kind or pastoral help at all, this is a great way to get that ball rolling.

3.  Sermons -- you can access our podcast.  We have been doing a "live stream" but are now moving to archiving those sermons online so that if you miss a Sunday you can always "catch up."

4.  Visitors and LIFE Groups -- if you're new to Redeemer we don't want to leave you in the dark about what we do outside of Sunday morning.  The biggest and probably most important ministry at Redeemer is our LIFE Groups.  It's the place where we gather in smaller, more intimate surroundings, with friends so that the gospel can have it's way on a deeper level.  It's the primary place where we study and apply the riches of God's grace in real time.

5.  Social Media -- Redeemer has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, as well as Instagram.  You can stay connected with many of the things that are happening at Redeemer via those social networks.  (Although I'll have to say that I'm not the greatest social network "post-er."  But we do utilize it from time to time.)

6.  Blog and Website -- you can also connect to this blog as well as our new and improved website (thanks to Cheryl rock, girl!)

7.  Sunday Bulletins -- over the coming weeks we will be updating our app and website even further so that you'll have access to our Sunday worship order and follow along right from the palm of your hand.  In other words, we want to save a few trees (and a few dollars!).

8.  Bible Reading Plans -- the app also has a Bible (ESV) on it as well as a generic reading plan.  We hope to, in the not too distant future, put together a more coordinated reading plan that will go along with our weekly sermon series.  So, stay tuned for that one.


Now that I've whet your appetite, I know what you're thinking...dude, how can I get my hands on all this awesomeness?  I'm happy to help.

1.  Go to your App Store.

2.  Search for "My Church App"

3.  Download it for FREE!

4.  Once downloaded, open the app.

5.  Once you open the app you'll be prompted to search for "your church."  Simply type in "Redeemer Church" and click on "Redeemer Church" when it pops up.  And have the Redeemer Church App.


There you have it, folks!  All the info you could possibly ever want on our app.  I hope you all have a great, great week.






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