Children's Ministry

On Sunday mornings, there's a little something for the whole family.


Nursery (0 to 2 yrs)

Loving childcare volunteers provide a safe, friendly environment for your most cherished treasures -- your children.


Jr. Kingdom Kids (2 to 4 yrs)

Fun and learning combined!  This age group gets plenty of playtime coupled with a small lesson about God's never-ending, always prevailing love.

Kingdom Kids (5 to 3rd Grade)

This age group is given an "age-appropriate" message and practical skills to embrace and enjoy the good news of God's love.

LIFE Groups start September 9th.  

Navigating this complex world in which we live is tough stuff.  Add isolation and loneliness in the mix and you've got a recipe for more cyncism and bitterness.


At Redeemer, we place a premium on doing LIFE together.  The reality is:  all of us want to love and be loved.  We want to be known, understood, and valued as a person.  We want to matter to someone else.  Our LIFE Groups were created for this very purpose.  You matter.  Your life matters.  Your story matters.  And through God's word and the loving nurture of our LIFE Groups, we aim to encourage, challenge, and walk with one another every step of the way.  If you'd like more information or addresses, please call the church office at (321) 264-0035.

Monday @ 7:00pm

Windover Life Group

Location   Rambling Acres

Leader      Bill Bahr

Host           Dawn & Jim Garand

Contact    (321) 264-0035

Tuesdays @ 7:30pm

Park Ave Life Group

Location   Park Ave

Leader      Gary Ginn

Host           Marcey & Mike Sperr

Contact    (321) 264-0035

Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Titus Village Life Group

Location   Titus Village

Leader      Trey Gordon

Host           Kim & Steve Zirnfus

Contact    (321) 264-0035


Rooted Youth Ministry


As young people going to school everyday and being bombarded by every temptation known to mankind, we desperately need a faith that's going to be with us through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad, through the ups and downs of everyday life.  We need to be "rooted" in Christ.  We need to know and experience God's inexhaustible love for us so that we can one, "withstand the fiery darts of the enemy," while at the same time serve as salt and light on the campuses God has placed us.


Join us on Sunday nights at 5pm as we explore God's inexhaustible love and as we do life together in the context of genuine community -- a little outpost of heaven here on earth "rooted" in Christ's finished work!  

Prayer Breakfasts

"Our greatest danger is not liberalism, modernism, postmodernism, biblical criticism...the greatest danger is the church doing the work of the ministry in the power of the flesh." ~ Francis Schaeffer

One of the most important ministries at Redeemer is it's ongoing prayer ministry.  On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month, leaders in the church gather to pray for the needs within our church community.  But we don't stop there, we're committed to the global mission of Jesus and so we spend significant time praying "beyond the sick list" and focus on "frontline kingdom prayers."


If you have prayer requests, please feel free to send us an email at  And if you'd like to be a part of this critically important ministry, feel free to join us one Saturday morning.